What happens to the information stored on casino online sites?

One of the main concerns, when deciding to make an account on a casino online, is related to the personal data a player has to give. There are many views on this subject and, this is why, in the present article we decided to explain what happens to the personal information that you give.

Types of personal information required on casino online websites

Gamblers have to give a lot of personal information when they decide to register on a new casino online website. For example, you have to give your address, your bank account number, your debit/credit card details, etc. From the beginning it is important to understand that all this information is used for two transactions mainly: casino payments and for winnings. Moreover, the information that you give is also used for legal purposes.

casino online myth

It is understandable the reluctance that players face when they are asked so many personal details. However, the truth is that online casinos are as safe as banks and sensibly safer than using credit cards when shopping. Online casinos invest a lot in updating the latest safety measures, in order for them to prevent identity theft. Thus, everything you read in the security section is true and safe! In order to support this statement, we recommend you to think about the billions of dollars transacted every year on online casinos. In addition, we can state that every time any piece of information (financial, professional or personal) is transmitted to and from the online casino, this data is encrypted. Encryption means that the information is coded, when you send the message, and is decoded only when reaching the recipient. Nowadays the encryption methods became more and more common and used (even for apps like WhatsApp, for example). The levels of encryption are becoming harder and harder to be hacked. Casino online websites use the latest version of encryption methods, in order to protect their clients’ information. Before, the industry’s standard encryption level was 128-Bit SSL encryption; today most online casinos use 258-Bit SSL encryption. Thus, there is no chance of sensitive information to be stolen while making or receiving payments from a casino online.

Furthermore, data stored on the casino online servers is also made secure. The casino online servers use the same encryption techniques. In plus, they have very strong firewalls that prevent hacking and unauthorized entry into the server. The firewall functions as a trench on a battlefield. Usually only a few people know the passwords required to enter the server and make transactions. Needless to say that these access codes change frequently and that every transaction is labelled with date, time, IP address, etc.

Last but not least, the casino online websites require from their clients a log in username and a password. This third safety measure provides and extra level of security and information, that helps the system identify the player. If these conditions are met and if all the data is correctly provided, then no one could carry on transactions in your name on online casino platforms. So, fill in the accurate information about yourself and start gambling, knowing that your data is 100% safe on the casino online websites!