Myths and facts about Slots

Slot machines have teased the human mind since their beginning. At first, slot machines worked on a mechanism thought by man. Then, due to the simplicity of cracking the “code“ and technological progress, the video-slot machine was invented. This new type of slots has an electronic-chip in it. So, tricking the slots became practically impossible. In the following article we will speak about a few of the most known myths and facts about slot machines, because their evolution and impact on the casino games was massive.

The most popular myths and facts about slots

Myth 1: Slots are programmed to have a cycle of spins and playoffs. Once the thousands of spins are made, the slot machine will start the same cycle from the beginning, as programmed.

Fact 1: This statement is not true. Nowadays, with the implementation of the chip, the spins are random and different from the previous spins.

Myth 2: Slots are programmed to return a certain percentage of the money bet. So that, when a jackpot is won, it will try to make up for the money lost. Moreover, if the jackpot is not hit for a long period of time, the chances of hitting one will increase.

Fact 2: As we stated previously, each spin is random. And this is one of the main features of slots. Your win is random; your odds are always the same, with every spin. It does not count when the last jackpot was one, because you can win in any moment!

Myth 3: You are more likely to win during slow hours or on working days.

Fact 3: This myth is, also, related to the previous ones. As discussed, the spins are random and independent from one another. Second, no one would bother to do this kind of a schedule. “Why? “, you may ask. Well, both the producers of slots and the casinos want to make their customers happy. This means that players should play, have fun, win and return to the casino. So, it is important to restate the fact that your chances of winning are there, any time you want!

Myth 4: In order for you to win more, you should stick to playing one slot only, for a longer period of time.

Fact 4: Taking into consideration that the odds of winning are the same and the fact that the spins are different each time, it really does not matter if you gamble at one, two or even three slots, at the same time. If you gamble at an online casino, then you can gamble at multiple slots, in separate tabs of the same browser.

All and all, it is clear that slots have fascinated people since their invention, in the 19th century. Their popularity grew fast and this notoriety lead to the appearance of urban myths. In this article we showed the most famous myths that are to be found on internet. The most important thing you have to remember is the fact that every spin is different and random. Thus, your chances of winning are the same, with every spin. Follow our blog and you will find out more about slots, game tricks, casino bonuses, etc.