All you need to know about Roulette before you play at the casino

If you never had the chance to play at the casino online, well, now is the time! With so many different games to try out it’s a pity not to take advantage of the opportunity. This article covers the crowd’s all time favorite: the game of Roulette. In here you’ll find everything you need to know about it.

Before you play at the casino, here’s some things you didn’t know about Roulette

Did you know for instance, that the game of Roulette is said to be first invented by mistake? The origins of the game date back to 17th century France. Mathematician, physicist and inventor Blaise Pascal invented the roulette wheel in his attempts of building a perpetuum mobile. For the ones of you that aren’t into science, a perpetuum mobile is a perpetual motion machine that can function without an energy source. Even though the laws of physics denied it, Pascal attempted to defy the odds. Even though his experiment failed, the entire process led to the birth of one of the most popular games in the history of casinos: the game of Roulette.

Who were the first people to ever improve the Roulette wheel?

What’s more, did you know that the 0 pocket didn’t exist on the Roulette wheel up until the mid-19th century? The ones responsible for this significant change are no other than Francois and Louis Blanc, two brothers that revolutionized the world of casino gambling in Monte Carlo. They added a single zero in order to increase the house’s advantage. Francois Blanc is also the man responsible for the opening of the first casino ever in Monte Carlo.

Nowadays, if you want to play roulette at the casino you have infinite winning possibilities

It’s the Age of the Internet and more and more people give up land-based casinos in favor of the online ones. And there’s no denying that their choice is a good one. Online you are able to try tens of game variants, not only the classic ones such as European Roulette, American Roulette and French Roulette. The companies that develop software for online casino games are very eager to improve the games that are already on the market. Therefore new varieties of games appear, optimized for any device ranging from laptops to phones or tablets.

It is amazing that now you can have the whole casino experience right there in your pocket. All you have to do is unlock your phone and play at the casino the most exciting games of Roulette. And it keeps getting better and better, because if you’re not ready to play with real money, you can test your skills anytime you want with free demonstrative Roulette variations.

Don’t forget to put the strategies into practice

Roulette has simple and easy to learn rules. What makes it exciting is the fact that you have multiple betting choices, and this alone is enabling you to have more winning opportunities. Strategies play a key role in this card game, as there are some that lower significantly the house advantage.

We’ll discuss about the strategies another time. Now it’s time for you to play at the casino your favorite variations of Roulette for free, and improve your skills in order to become one a High Roller one day!